Peter Szabo is an avid world traveller, entrepreneur, investor, author and he is the most sought after Facebook Ads™ experts for small B2B & B2C businesses.

Peter has been in the game ever since Facebook first opened it’s gates to advertisers in 2009 and over a 7 year period he has created more than 20,000 campaigns, hundreds of thousands of ads, delivered BILLIONS of impressions and has generated MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in sales for his clients.


Peter’s has helped multiple businesses quickly scale from $25/day to over $2,000/day in ad spend while generating an ROI between 300-1500% (and beyond.)

What makes Peter’s approach different is that he courageously GUARANTEES A RETURN ON INVESTMENT — if the client is accepted to work with Szabo’s agency. Naturally because of this guarantee there’s only a select few Peter can work with.


In the last 7 years Mr. Szabo has been to the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Dallas, Washington, California, Florida, Oregon, New York, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Jamaica, Austria, Germany, Italy, France and many other places next to serving over 250 of his private clients in the midst of his adventures.

Peter’s agency is the ‘mastermind’ behind many of the campaigns you’ve probably seen on Facebook and many industry leaders consider Szabo as their “Secret Weapon” when it comes to turning clicks into clients at will.

My mission is to travel the world. Meet, teach and inspire people.
Do the impossible and show that it IS possible.

— Peter Szabo